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Down With The Dogo Hat
Joseph Weigel

The hat design is awesome and shipping was fast! I’m happy!

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Book Launch Celebration
Super cute story for kids and dog lovers!

The Misadventures of Mary Jane is a cute and fun story to read to your kids. If anyone has lost a dog child before you can relate. It tells a story of a dog’s perspective of what occurred during their time away from their pup parents. The Little fairy/Angels make us feel comfort that they have somebody guiding them. Highly recommend this book as a gift to children and their parents!!! 💗🫶🏼

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Adorable Denim Hat

Love this hat! It’s material is substantial and stitching is amazing! Adorable 🥰

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Silly Dogo

It’s an adorable book. My granddaughter is just starting to enjoy chapter books. This is a perfect book for her and she loves Dogo’s, especially our Zary ❤️

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Such a fun and unique story!

This was such a fun story. My kids (9 and 6 yrs) have been wanting a dog and this story definitely sealed the deal! It's such a magical way of looking at the world through the eyes of a curious and adventurous friend that anyone can relate to. We read it together and it was fun for everyone. Highly recommend for someone wanting a book they can read to their kids and maybe spread it out over a couple nights. The chapters break it up nicely so they were excited to keep reading the next evening. AND the fact it's based on a true story! Family hit for sure.

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The book is based on true events and is so close to my heart. About 1 year ago, Mary Jane really went on a misadventure into the forest without her mom, dad, & Monty for 10 days! It gave them a scare, but the author found a lighthearted and creative way to share her story. It's written from Mary Jane's (and her trusty fairy's) perspective and is entertaining from cover-to-cover. Great for children, adults, and dog lovers!

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Perfect read with our dog loving daughters!

We enjoyed following Mary Jane's adventure through the enchanted forest and love the illustrations!

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Whimsical and Fun

My son and I have met these characters personally! All of the characters match their true to life personality, and the story has a universal message for kids and grownups alike. My son is 7 and has enjoyed reading the story as part of his bed time routine, and now wants a story about his dog! We love the fact it was based on a true story, and that out of bad things, good things can happen (like inspiration for full on children's book). Definitely looking forward to more!

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Playful Adventure

My family and I have the pleasure of knowing the lovable characters in this story. The illustrations truly capture the personality of Mary Jane and her sassy tail! I appreciate the lesson about how to turn a terrifying experience into an adventure. We look forward to reading more stories about Mary Jane and her companions!

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Absolutely adorable

I loved this book because it’s based on a true story. Great first chapter book. I’m sure there will be many more to come. This is the first child’s book about a Dogo Argentino that I am aware of congratulations ! I wish you all the best.

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A Cute Adventure Into the Mind of a Pup!

This book takes you on an adorable adventure through the eyes of a lost dog. Turning a scary situation that any dog lover could experience into fun-loving moments is beautifully done. The addition of Mary Jane's fairy adds an element of imagination any child reading the book would want to believe. It's a cute story with great illustrations.

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Great book for children

Cute storyline and pictures for any dog loving family 🐕

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Sweet Adventure

The book is beautifully illustrated. Children, specially the dog lover ones, will have fun a fun time reading this book. It's an exciting adventure based on a true story with a happy ending.

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A+, Fun and Heartwarming <3

We loved the play between the two characters, Monty and Mary Jane: one a “golden dog”, and the other a bit of a trouble maker— a story so many kids can relate to. This book was a fun read. The illustrations help keep kids engaged and also encourage comprehension of less obvious points. Heartwarming, adorable, and apparently based on real life! A+, highly recommend!

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What a sweet story!

This is such a sweet book that takes you into the mind of the adorable MJ as she gets lost away from her family. The illustrations really make the charming characters come alive and make you feel like you're in the magical forest with her. I also see how this pup's accidental wandering off can relate to kiddos getting lost from their parents and how scary that could be for everyone. Thankful that MJ had her magical fairy with her looking out for her the whole time!

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Darling book for dog lovers!

A cleverly written real life story, turning a stressful situation into a fun adventure. I love the story being told though the dog’s perspective. It reminded me of life through a child’s eye, where they find the good in everything, which is a nice reminder for all of us! Enjoyed the quick read and adorable illustrations as well as the note from the author with the real photos at the end. Well done!

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Great reading based upon a true story

A charming and fun book for young readers!

What an enchanting, fun, and engaging story for young readers, especially animal lovers, to enjoy! There is a bit of magic, whimsy, emotion, and a lot of fun wrapped up in this story, and I would recommend it for dog lovers of all ages - but especially those who are ready to dig into chapter books. The illustrations make MJ, Monty, Tilly, and the rest of the characters really come to life and help spark the imagination as you're reading the whole story. Knowing that this story was based on real life events makes the ending even more heartwarming. Highly recommend this book!!

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Faith, Hope, Joy

This review covers not just the book but the actual true events leading to the creation of the book. The writer took her stress and anxiety and pain and turned it into something magical! I know God was looking out for all of them—MJ, Alexis, Sean, Monty— during this very stressful time when MJ was lost. God has a way of turning bad things into good; He inspired Alexis to write this magical story to touch others with faith, hope, and joy. The story reminds us that we cannot always see when God is working it all out for our good until much later. Sean and Alexis (MJ’s mom and dad) were only feeling the pain and anxiety and stress of their loss and exasperation of multiple days of fruitless searching and energies, but God had a plan they could not see; and in the end, it resulted in MJ making her way back home and this book! The author takes the reader on an adventure from the view of a happy-go-lucky, big ole girl MJ—innocent and naive of all the danger and all the stress caused to her human family. MJ has the time of her life, perhaps; but the story tells us that there are consequences for our actions too—MJ is now back on the leash—and in the end, there’s no place like home, and we are reminded not to lose hope, don’t give up, have faith—our timing is not His timing, and His plan trumps!

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Five Paws!

Such a sweet, imaginative story! I loved that it was written from the dog’s point of view which showed the author’s true love for her pets. I enjoyed the fun, whimsical touches like the dog characters each having a guardian fairy which I could see kids really loving. This book would make a great gift for elementary aged kids and beyond. Highly recommend, especially for dog lovers!

Wonderful feedback, thank you Lauren. We're thrilled you loved the story!

A sweet and fun read

I adore the imagination and creativity behind this story. In a cute way, it provides an explanation as to how MJ got lost and why it took 10 days to find her. The illustrations are perfect as well. And the ending is so very clever! I look forward to reading about the next misadventures of MJ.

Thank you Anita for your thoughtful feedback. We're thrilled you enjoyed the story!

adorable story

I just love this true based story of this Dogo who happens to be related to my Dogo. This story was fun and interesting to follow with so much potential to expand on it. Loved it cant wait for more Rachel

Thank you so much for your kind review. So glad you enjoyed the book!

Perfect first chapter book

We loved the Misadventures of Mary Jane. At 5 my son is still too young to read this book on his own but he enjoyed me reading it to him. For someone his age it had the perfect amount of illustrations to words ratio to keep his attention. Since we were able to read it together it was also a great book for us to discuss what was happening (check his reading comprehension) and what we thought might happen next. It's a perfect first chapter book for young readers. We enjoyed the ending and the possibility of more misadventures with Mary Jane.

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback Stephanie and we're thrilled you and your son enjoyed the book!

Heartwarming! Pure Magic!

This book is sooooo cute! It made me laugh really hard and then it throughly melted my heart by the end. This is a great book for kids... or adults who need to remember the magic of fairy tales! This book is based on a true story and I can tell you it's such a miracle how MJ survived getting lost in the "magical" forest! Haha! I would highly recommend for any age!

So glad you enjoyed the story! Thank you for this review.

Fun for all ages!

I really enjoyed reading this! The illustrations are beautiful and eye catching. The time spent on each chapter, with twists and turns, new friends and happy ending, makes for a fun read about Mary Jane. My nephew would love this book and reading a few chapters to my babies will be on my list before bed! Excited for kids and adults to enjoy this story.

Thank you for this wonderful feedback. So glad you enjoyed the story!